Preparing Your Home For Sale

Preparing your home for Sale

How to Prepare your Home for Sale

Set your home (and your wallet) up for success with these great tips on preparing your home for sale in Mandurah.

Before listing any home, you’d be wise to take a few simple steps to ensure your home is in the best position possible.

“Preparing your home for sale will give it the best chance and give you the confidence in knowing you’ve done all you could have.”

A few small home staging touches can go a long way in making a fantastic first impression, which is key for any new buyer considering your place as their own.

“People are often buying into a lifestyle, not just a home. So, this is your chance to showcase the home at its best and leave space for buyers to imagine themselves living in it.”

Not sure where to start? Here, we reveal seven easy ways to prepare your home for sale.

Spring clean, I know you know but…

Sounds simple, but a spotless home will allow new buyers to focus on the potential life they could have in the space, rather than the flecks of mould on the bathroom ceiling.

“Decluttering and cleaning both inside and out are possibly the most important thing you could do.”

“Taking out any personal items can make the home feel more spacious and create a neutral canvas for buyers to imagine their own personalities in any space.”

While you could easily do this yourself on a Sunday morning, consider enlisting help from the professionals, particularly if your home is on the larger side and you’re lacking the time.

“Hiring professional cleaners to steam clean any carpets and make the main areas shine (especially in the kitchen and bathroom) can alleviate some of the stress if you haven’t got much time.”

A fresh coat of paint.

“Repainting boldly coloured walls or simply sprucing up what’s already there allows buyers to focus on the spaces themselves instead of the colour of the walls.”

While you may love your hot pink kitchen, sometimes sticking to neutral colours such as whites, tans and greys are the safest options when it comes to adding value and attracting interest. 

Replace old fixtures and fittings.

If you consider yourself something of the handy type, why not consider switching over some of those dated fixtures like doorknobs, tapware, lampshades and handles?

“It’s not always viable to do full renovations, but changing up the small things, such as the taps in the kitchen and bathrooms, can make an old space feel new again.”

Rearrange and repurpose.

You know your home best, but sometimes a fresh perspective can help you see a whole new purpose for the rooms in your home.

“Rethinking the purpose of a room can help buyers visualise how different spaces could be used.

“It could be as simple as styling smaller bedrooms as a home office, or rearranging the furniture in the main living areas, to give buyers new ideas and realise the potential of different spaces.”

Consider shifting your existing furniture in a space to make it more inviting.

Curb appeal.

It is a known fact that many buyers do a drive-by of potential properties prior to arranging an inspection, they also do reconnaissance of the street / neighbourhood.

While you are unable to change the appearance of the whole street, you can make your property look its best from the outside by doing just a few things listed below.

  • Green up and regularly mow the lawns and kill/remove all weeds.
  • Mulch flower beds and prune back overgrown bushes/flowers.
  • Remove all weeds from driveways and paving areas. Weed killing spray is best for this, even hot salty water has been known to work, though I have not tried it myself.
  • Pressure wash driveways, paved area’s and the whole front of the house including windows and doors.
  • Clean out gutters and if needed, give the gutters a fresh coat of paint if they have the tired / rusty look.
  • Remove all cobwebs if any.
  • Declutter the front garden and always park the car in the garage if you have one.

Doing the above will make your home more inviting and potential buyers will want to book a viewing to see the inside.

Brighten it up.

Nothing makes a room feel more spacious than oodles of natural light.

“Bright and light-filled rooms can work wonders for any small or narrow spaces, making them look bigger and more inviting.

“Sometimes adding a lamp or installing new lights into dim areas can make all the difference.”

Open your place to the outdoors and show off indoor-outdoor living functions.

Warm it up.

The steps above will help your home appear the perfect blank canvas for potential buyers, but you don’t want your place to feel cold and sterile as a result.

A smattering of lush finishing touches will help breathe some life into the space once more, plus, it’s a fun exercise for you!

“Investing in soft furnishings for the home in the form of cushions and throws in the living room and bedrooms can instil a sense of everyday liveability with potential buyers.”

“Real, indoor plants can add a sense of comfort and are also an extremely cost-effective way to add style and instantly change the dynamic of a room.”

Nothing makes a room feel more spacious than oodles of natural light.

Second pair of eyes.

Invite a few Mandurah Agents in for an appraisal and to get insights as to their thoughts of what might need doing. They have seen many houses and get feedback from buyers often.

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